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C.H.A. shedding risk unrelated to providing housing

My proposal is based on information found on line and as such is an aggregate proposition so please don't hassle with details concentrate on the spirit of my idea.


The 2012 budget for C.H.A is $ 881,000,000.00 the number of adults living in C.H.A. housing is 20,000. $881,000,000.00 / 20,000 adult residents = an operating cost of service of $44,050.00 per adult per year. the average rent for a nice apartment in Chicago in a clean and fine neighborhood can be about $ 1200.00 per month or $14,000.00 per year utility's may add another $ 3,000.00 for a total of $ 17,000.00 per year as you can see this is far less than the $44,050.00 per adult per year presently spent by C.H.A. By providing this lower cost of services directly to the recipient more people can be helped or the overflow cold be diverted to other programs to help people get ahead, and allowing them to determine the how's and where's would indeed bring some sense of control and Independence always fosters a desire to succeed.


Transforming C.H.A. from a property maintains company and tenant liability manager to a housing fund manager would allow them to help more people and shed all unrelated risk.




Tom F.



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