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CHA is a mess.

Building all these units and the same people are let back in, I thought SCREENING was done, shouldn't there be some limitations/requirements. It's so much crap with CHA, I just opted to keep paying full markets rent just to keep my peace of mind smh... I got on the list in 2004... 2004 AND STILL waiting, it's 2012 lol. Then they called I went in, the lady said she had a unit for me , but I had a form missing, I got the form brought it back and ANOTHER lady says, "I don't know why she called you, we don't have a unit available for you yet" lololol AND that was NOT the first time that happened. I just stopped checking on my application, I don't even bother, I like where I live, the rent is not cheap, but I budget and me and my 2 sons live comfortable. When they get their s*** together, then we can talk:) Right now the WHOLE program is a mess smh



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