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Can a ex-felon ever return to normal life

It has been said that ‘the degree of civilization of a society can be judged by entering its prisons” (1597) Over time the federal system lay testament to this humanity by ensuring that prisoners are housed, clothed, feed, and treated justly and fairly while in prisons throughout the country. Having been warehoused in Illinois prisons for many years and released in 2010, this states treatment of ex-offenders trying to rebuild their lives is immoral if not unethical. Since the higher courts never mandated treatment of prisoners after their release, The state of Illinois generally, and Chicago (cook county) specifically through its continued legacy of defying or ignoring U.S. supreme court case law governing prisoners and prisoner rights now feels that the formerly incarcerated re-entering society should not have the right to live or rent affordable, low income housing, and both the city and privately owned jointly is denying ex-offenders housing. The denial is done, without ever meeting the individual or knowing anything else about the person. Armed with only ten (10) $’s from the state upon release and, with most ex-prisoners have very few, if any skills, along with a job market that’s media hyped and subliminally messaging not to hire ex-felons for work, how much lower can ones income get? The basic necessities of life in any society are food, clothing and shelter. But in Illinois, (Chicago) it’s only food and clothing if you are an ex-convict. When does an ex-offender stop serving prison sentence(s) after their release in Illinois????



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