Housing Availability

Chicago need to change bad.

I think CHA need to really work on some things. A lot of people are moving out of Chicago do to the high cost of living no section 8 or public housing openings and the terrible crime in the city. Chicago need to get like other cities like Minneapolis who got a lot of people from Chicago moving there slowly but surely. They need to start busing the kids to school and open up the housing waitlist. All those homes they built for the mixed income and a lot of those units are empty. Chicago needs to be better we need to be able to apply for housing as needed. They open the section 8 waitlist in Chicago every ten years and we got people needing housing today. Start making people work or go to school to get the housing you can cut down on people using and abusing the system if you just give people the opportunity to even be able to try and get housing. We need to fill up all those empty units in public housing aswell as mixed income and scattered site.



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