Your Top 2 Ideas for Plan 2.0

Engage Homeowners

So here are my recommendations.


Actively engage homeowners in the next plan, 2.0, and begin to view them as stakeholders;


as a whole community we need to share, discuss and devise a plan that is beneficial for everyone regardless of income;


establish a mechanism that is inclusive of all residents;


establish a plan for CHA and its management agents to fully understand the needs of HOA’s and devise a plan for ongoing communication;


create a method for CHA and its management agent to collaborate with HOA’s on aesthetics and community building activities projects;


and be supportive of the efforts of every resident, regardless of income, to have a fantastic community.


Is 2.0 a good idea? Yes. Can the plan work? Yes. Will the plan work? Yes, but slowly unless all stakeholders are involved.


Part of the vision of the Plan for Transformation is to change dilapidated developments into viable communities. To meet this goal, CHA took on the task to create mixed income communities and break them into 1/3rds, like Oakwood Shores. Sounds great, but how can CHA build a strong community leaving 1/3, the homeowner, out of the equation? No matter how you calculate the numbers, 2/3 will never equal a whole.


Homeowners are here to stay, because unlike renters a homeowner cannot move at the end of their lease, therefore it is wise to engage them. It should be shouted loud and clear that the plan for transformation is not just about numbers, but is also about people—all people living together in unity in hosing that is safe, adequate, viable and is a catalyst to the revitalization of a community-- like Bronzeville! By the way I love Bronzeville.


Homeowners might not have the same needs as those serviced by the CHA, but definitely share the same desire of wanting to live in a strong and viable community-- especially now that tax bills continue to increase as property values have dropped. I salute the newest efforts of Oakwood Shores to increase community engagement, but we need to do more with homeowners in part 2.0.


I have made some great relationship with my neighbors and look for to a stronger commitment from CHA.



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