Areas of Focus

Give The People Voices

It all begins with the people. Instead of thinking of CHA as something for the poor, you must not only make it about the people, but should include them as well. Whenever a development is slated to open or be a part of a certain community, community input should be considered. Residents of that particular area, in addition to city of Chicago residents "overall" should be able to provide input as to what they believe would be needed to make the development successful. Winners can reach out to those that have not fared so well, and the successful and not-so-successful can combine ideas on what works. These ideas can then be presented to CHA and the community will have spoken. There can be no CHA without the people ... that will inhabit their property. In other words, include everybody. Everyone welcomes the right to be heard, especially when it involves their own community. Who knows what works best in a particular area than those that live in it?



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