Sustainability Strategies

Household Transformed

There should be a program that incorporates the entire household and not just the head of household. CHA should take the self sufficient program they have currently and make few changes. Why help others who are on the lease and transform their lives so that they can become more independent and not rely on rental assistance as well? Take high school students or adult learners ; for example who are in the household who are in school and help them build a savings account that will secure funding for them once they have complete their studies or have degree or high school diploma. The high school students can then take their savings and put it towards their college education rather than building up more debt with loans for schools. The adult learners can use their savings from the money in their accounts and either put it towards student loans or use it to secure housing once they have found place of employment in their field of study...I figure lets help those that are ready to be transform be independent individuals....



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