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Ickes site must NOT have any CHA housing

I know the city is fully aware of the importance of the former ickes site on Cermak/State.


With the CTA Green Line station being planned for Cermak/State/23rd and all the talk about restaurants, music venues coming into Music/Motor Row just 1 block east of this site, ANY affordable or mixed-income housing will be a devastating blow to the great potential of creating a utopian flow b/w Chinatown, South Loop, Bridgeport and Bronzeville + McCormick Place.


There were only about 70 or so families living there (lets's say an average 3 per unit = 210 residents) from 2008 until the the tear down, so even if you build units for even 70 or so families, the perception of housing projects will once again persist and stop the high-quality of development (potential) this location has to offer.


Any form of Mixed-income market project will not work here as it has not worked in many other areas, but especially in the South Loop -- there are plenty of Rental, New Condo and Re-Sale options. More importantly, the area has it's fair 'share' of affordable housing:


1. Hilliard - across the street.

2. 2001 AND 2101 S. Michigan.

3. 26th/State (Dearborn Homes).


Right now is the time to make a REAL investment that will bring Hotels to support McCormick place, Retail & Restaurants to support the visitors and residents, but more importantly to build Commercial Buildings to house companies. Create a NEW BUSINESS DISTRICT to this specific location.


With the proper development it is a location unmatched in all of Chicago without being downtown (dealing with the heavy traffic, cost of lunch/dinner, parking $$$). You are only 20 blocks from the middle of downtown, Millenium Park, etc..) and 8 blocks from Soldier Field, Museum Campus.


TAG LINE: Going to the game? museum? chinatown? work? mcormick? music venue? Leave your car at home and stop at either the Cermak Green Line or Cermak Red Line.


* If you decide to drive: Take 55 or LSD/MLK or 90/94/290, Michigan Ave or State Street.


You can see the potential for not only the South Loop, Bridgeport, Bronzeville, but also McCormick Place and the City.



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