Housing Availability

In Need Of Better Housing Opportunities For Families

I am a young working mother who had to relocate to Minneapolis, Minnesota for a year with my family because of the confusion caused by the CHA because of the lack of information. Within the state of Illinois, you either have to research extensively or hear word of mouth about deadlines or openings and even with doing so you still hear "NO". Basically finding afforable housing within Chicago as of right now through the CHA is slim to none if your not lucky enough to be a drawing in the housing lottery. The difference between Illinois and Minnesota would be that they are actually taking time out to listen to individuals to see if they are actually in need and by doing so with a completed background check you recieve RESULTS. Alot of people are abusing these agencies and that's making it even more stressful for families that want to be successful. I believe that if the CHA networked with families who want to prosper and have a CLEAR common ground, there would be no room for the system to be taken advantage of.



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