Housing Availability

Lack of Communication

There is so much lack of communication with CHA and the property managements that has CHA contracts. I have been reach out to by three different properties and have been shuffled around. Currently pulled from the waitlist August of 2011 and still haven't been housed, also I've been showed and offered a unit to find out that I was unable to recieve the unit because they made an error on there part bacuse my 90day grace period for being housed was up, giving me false hope that I was about to house destroyed my spirits. I have two children staying house to house with relative struggling to make. In addition, screened for another property that sent false information about work requirements (CHA requires 20 pluse hours in addition to exempt if caring for child under 12 months old) after screened was told they require more hours. My question was why send CHA requirements instead of the property requirement( that was 30hours) so that we wouldn't have to go through all that paperwork and me waiting on a response, again false hope. I could have told them that I didn't meet there requirements because I only work part time 24 hours a week and that I should be sent somewhere else. Lack of communication could save a lot of time and paper!!!!! Honestly I feel like CHA transformation isn't really for low income people when your income is discriminated. I mean im a single parent with small children working to provide and still can't get house because my income is to low. WOW THAT SUCKS MAYBE CHA NEEDS TO RE-EVALUATE THERE SO CALLED TRANSFORMATION



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