Housing Availability

Legacy Housing Needs Overhaul

As a person who has applied for housing multiple times since the early 90's and never been chosen for a waiting list, I see definite problems that need looking into.

Take my family members for instance. My aunt moved into public housing in the early 60's. Her children became adults and were granted apartments in the 80's. Their children became adults in the 90's and also given apartments. In the early 2000's when their development was torn down they all moved into private housing under Section 8. There is more to the story than the typical perpetual cycle of welfare families. The 2nd generation who are now in their 50's are all gainfully employed yet have purchased properties in their spouses names or their married names, get the apartments Section 8 approved, and rent to other family members who are current voucher holders. The "Chicago Way' of politics transcends all departments and there is a serious need for overhauling.



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