Sustainability Strategies

Lets Move

Community garden in a food desert,(food & flowers) and a play lot with equipment that promotes exercise as play time, (integrated and blended). A walking track around the playlot for parental health,community convenience, and parent child interaction. All capped off with a mural, (on the existing wall of the former train tracks) painted by CPS students, (and others)CHA residents, and supervised by volunteer local artist and art teachers. Highlighting the diverse contributions of Chicagoans,(and others) set in a sustainable theme of healthy food and exercise, we could connect with, "Lets Move" 1st lady Michelle Obama's community garden and exercise initiative. The CHA owns a vacant lot on the 600 block of east 40th which is directly across from the CHA'S Washington Park Homes. This unused overgrown pasture could provide many benefits such as but not limited to, jobs, high school community service requirement fulfillment, flowers to beautiful CHA cites and properties, organic food, farmers market, improved community relations, and much more. I have raised a $1000.00 to start this endeavor. A CHA Choir could be formed to promote and raise funds. I have musicians, practice space, and the spare time to make this happen by the spring of 2013. Help us help ourselves. Finally the knowledge of Learning to fish vs being given one, the lesson of eating for today or eating daily.



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