Housing Policy

Limit HCV in Transformation Sites

Residents who qualify for Housing Choice Vouchers are often similar to public housing residents in many respects. By allowing an unlimited number of HCV recipients to rent in Transformation Sites, the percentage of low income families within these developments is slowly creeping up to high levels, threatening the intention of creating mixed income developments. It is conceivable, if many of the "tax credit" and "market rate" units are leased to HCV holders, that the percentage of public housing plus HCV in rental developments could reach 80% or more. The CHA should work closely with HUD to determine how it can legally set a limit on the percentage of HCV holders within a development in which income tiering goals are important to the long term success of the redeveloped site. There may also be fair housing issues with the State of Illinois as well, so its lawyers should also be brought into these discussions.



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