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I sometimes wonder why many people have their pre-conceived notions regarding Public Housing Residents. Based on my experiences in living in PH and Section8 I have come to realize that although their are some lazy unmotivated tenants, CHA never responds to the negative remarks made on all of it's tenants and that saddens me because that is not who we are and based on the rents collected they know that, most on site staff tries to belittle the residents that keeps them employed. during my stay in PH over 80% of the residents were full time employed and made contributions to the communities in which they live, I myself have raised my kids to know the importance of a quality community as well as education, that is why I served as the LAC VP until I moved out. My oldest is finishing up her PhD @ Uof Iowa,I have a daughter studying to be a Dentist as well as a 10 yr old Son all of which was fortunate enough not to attend public schools. They also know that only one who can judge them is GOD, not these wannabe important folks who need to put someone else down to feel lifted up. That is all I see and here in the news how the Tax Payer is supporting ph residents. I have you know that everyone in my household pay taxes, cell phone, cable, fraud n waste, comed,gas,candy,clothes, peoples gas, food, liquir, employment ect... so why do people think the taxes they pay is supporting the needy. They should take their tax issues to the IRS or the government officials that abuse,steal and mismanage their tax dollars not to the folks that they assume are on the receiving end. By the time yo lil tax dollar gets to the needy it is pennies. If we care soooo much about rights for foreigners (WARS) why not support our own. why not create the tools to motivate citizens to be all they can be. Why not give quality ed to everyone not just the chosen few. Why recreate a system that is designed to fail it's people(jails). If you really want to blame someone blame yourself because as we all know it really does take an entire village to raise a child. The new deal was created to clean up slums guess what their are more slums within the city than there are in PH. There are also greedy companies whom prey on public funds, give shabby performances but all the attention is redirected to the poor man, not the millionaire refusing to reinvest some of it's earnings on the so called fools who made it possible for them to become richer. I have been saying for years when the PLAN end the tenants will still be poor as ever while the RICH man walks away with 3billion+. During my employment @ CHA I seen more non tennants than tenants buying n looking 4 drugs in PH. I said all that to say INVEST IN THE KIDS- THEY ARE ALL OF OUR FUTURE. When you give sub quality performances you get sub quality results. EVEN THE PLAYING FIELD N YOU WILL CREATE A MORE STABLE SOCIETY IN WHICH TO LIVE....


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