Your Top 2 Ideas for Plan 2.0

Section 3 Reform to pay decent living wage

Based on HUD's guidelines for section 3 hires, PPM firms and the Housing Authority are incentivized to hire those of low income and very low income in order to promote economic self sufficiency. However, the wages paid often are below that what are necessary to be eligible for public housing. For example, an employee at a PPM for the CHA, with a college degree is often paid a wage that is below the individual income limits for Low ($42,500) or Very Low income ($26, 550). It is a very poor statement that a Moving to Work Housing Authority pays their employees, even those who have success in secondary and post secondary education a wage that will still make them eligible to be a public housing tenant. Often a Union Janitor is paid a higher wage than an educated administrative employee. Something should be done to correct this impropriety.



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