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Subtle....or not so subtle Racism

Who else has encountered this "I need to make a home visit" situation while looking for an apartment or home? I actually passed on a fabulous home that I fell in love with because my dignity is not for anyone, for anything. I was only told about this little criteria after I had gathered credit checks, filled forms, had my agent perform many duties. Are you under the impression that people tend to believe that those who have vouchers are automatically dirty and unruly? Well they do. And, whites particularly believe it about African-American people (just have to say... I don't mince words).


If you go down to the city courts, there are rolls upon rolls of people who are being evicted for those reasons, and guess what? The higher percentage are NOT section 8 participants....imagine that!


I addressed this issue with CHA and I was told by administrative office that CHA absolutely, does not tell landlords to go and check out peoples present residences (and believe me, several landlords/real estate agents have told me so). I then spoke to a friend of mine from high school, who owns several properties. Her words, "Their lying! I've sat in new landlord meetings and they they specifically suggest that we do this) Wow!


I wonder how it is that a government agency would encourage people to clearly violate a federal law? While giving such advice, does CHA make sure to advise landlords that they must follow the same guidelines if they are renting a property in LIncoln Park? Do you think that people who want to come do home visits at your house in Englewood, would request a home visit of a pediatrician and accountant moving into their property in Wicker Park? They wouldn't dare insult such a couple. We need to stop people from placing us in boxes. Stop believeing that because you are of color, this is all you deserve. You don't. Here's the is green!



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