Your Top 2 Ideas for Plan 2.0

The Transformation Needs

In order to get where you want to go with transforming a location, the problem is this you want to do a new thing with old ideals, what is being proposed is not totally to benefit the community, if your going to rebuild why rebuild what you already have, whether rebuild mix of townhouses and apartments, some of which will be designated for seniors, you spoke of two bedroom and higher but some people require one unit making sure All of these units are fully accessible for disabled persons. The building should include an elevator.) One of the biggest problems in the city of Chicago is parking and residents paying market rate rents should not have to pay for parking it should be an amenity and have vouchers for veterans, if you are going to go after a grant the grant should be holistic and include all persons and provide business owned by the members within the community along with others if you want to make the environment safe people tend to protect what is created and established for the people by the people



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