Housing Policy

The dangers of Public Housing...Survival

As we all know, Innocent people have died at the hands of others causing problems in Public housing. Innocent children harmed, and their family members. The housing Policy doesn't protect people who leave Public housing in order to survive. I know of a young mother of 2, who was threathened because she informed the Management office of an Abandoned unit that gang members had occupied. They left messages to warn her that she will be harmed. She packed up and left. Now she owes public housing because she left her apartment. Their was no one there to help her, No one cared. Now, this same Lady, who is 50 yrs old, disabled, raising her grandson, who has severe Autism, because her oldest daughter has died, needs assistance and can't get it, because she decided to save her families life, now she owes money. The housing policy needs to protect people like her, The management offices need to listen to people who think they are in danger.



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