Your Top 2 Ideas for Plan 2.0

we have to sweat the small stuff

Student funding isn't going to be nearly effective if we don't reorganize and restratigize our schools. We need the real PTA back. Teachers should not only be interviewed by the school but by the parents throughout the year. There are to many teachers and staff in school not teaching, and getting paid for nothing. I see it all the time and many parents I have talk to. We are allowing for our kids to be dumb down that's why the dropout rate is so high. If I wasn't getting anything I wouldn't come to see you 185 days either. The lack of respect and professionalism is ridiculous. The bottom line is, this is our future and we are the blame when social security is not there we are the blame pensions don't exist. Because were dumbing our future. What kind of congressman will we produce 10-15 years from now that doesn't get home work to day. Who's in the sixth grade and has trouble writing complete sentences or understanding algebra. Were producing the weak not the strong, and if I hear " It was a substitute" one more time I'm going to scream. Why does that justify the school not being responsible. The opportunity is now, We should get better not worse.



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